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Article: Are Innocent People Pleading Guilty? A New Report Says Yes

CDAM Election of New Officers and Directors

Task Force Charged with Improving Court Funding Begins Their Work. Read about it here.

CDAM Member Mary Chartier and CDAM Board Members Bill Swor and Art Weiss  condemn court room antics and threats to defense counsel  Shannon Smith and Matt Newburg - and their families - in high profile case. Read about it here.

The Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit and Michigan’s largest statewide criminal defense attorney organization. Each year, our organization sponsors educational opportunities at a variety of conferences, presenting some of the best and most knowledgeable speakers in their respective areas of criminal defense. We also host the Trial Practice College, a trial advocacy workshop that teaches criminal defense lawyers how to try cases to win instead of trying to win cases.

CDAM actively promotes expertise in criminal law, constitutional law and procedure and seeks to improve trial and appellate advocacy. We strive to educate the bench, bar and public of the need for quality and integrity in defense services and representation to promote enlightened thought concerning alternatives to the present criminal justice system.

We advocate on behalf of members of the criminal defense bar by appearing as Amicus Curiae in important precedent setting cases before the Michigan Supreme Court. CDAM also regularly works with lawmakers regarding legislative changes through a legislative network providing representation of the criminal defense bar’s views.


CDAM member Anne Yantus from SADO interviewed on NPR regarding court costs in Michigan

Police Try to Keep "Stingrays" that Mimic Cell Phone Towers Secret

New Recommendations Could Improve Eyewitness Testimony

Voodoo Forensic Evidence in Texas Arson Case

The Right to Remain Silent?

Episode Number 1: Introduction by William Maze and Interview with Noah Smith with Updates on Rules and Law Committee

Episode 2: F. Martin Tieber on sentencing guidelines regarding Apprendi / Lockridge; Stacia J. Buchanan on Michigan Criminal Jury Instructions

Episode 3: John Shea provides legislative updates regarding court costs and People v Cunningham with pending HB 5785 and SB 1054

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