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Now through Friday, May 20, 2022, CDAM merchandise is available to purchase online!  Items include Hoodies, ¼ Zips, Full Zips, T-shirts (long and short sleeve), Joggers, Onesies, Baseball Caps, 12 Ounce Cups, and 20 Ounce Tumblers.

Once your merchandise is selected and paid for by credit card, CDAM will personally follow up with you with the cost to ship. (Prices start at $8.38.)  If the costs of shipping your items is cost-prohibitive, your credit card will be refunded. Otherwise, your credit card will be processed to cover shipping costs. Items will be shipped Monday and/or Tuesday May 23/24.

Best of all? CDAM members receive $5 off EACH item purchased. Members must log into their account for the discount to activate.

As CDAM prepares to roll out our new merchandise this summer, we’d like your input. Would you like to be able to purchase a tote bag? A child’s t-shirt? Fleece vest? Windbreaker? Something else? Drop us an email at Marketing@CDAMonline.org .  While we can’t make any promises on what summer items will be selected, we will give each suggestion consideration.

Contact CDAM by email at Rsain@CDAMonline.org for any questions. Thanks! CDAM

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